Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Weekly Spotlight: Color Club Nail Lacquer in Aquamarine Azulino

I've decided to do a special post (plus any other post that I may feel like posting) once a week that will be featuring a product that is note-worthy.

This week, its Color Club's Nail Lacquer in Aquamarine Azulino.

Right now its for sale on (link above), however its only sold in a set of 4 gorgeous nail polishes.

The formula is not the best; in order to get a opaque clean coat you have to apply one even coat (it will be streaky) and then wait about 2-3 minutes and then paint a second coat. You may of to do up to 3 coats. However, once its dry its very beautiful. It looks much like a Cinderella color sometimes and a vibrant baby blue shade perfect for summer in the sun. It looks stunning against any skin color.

The lasting power is average, 3-4 days until medium to severe chipping. However I do recommend this nail polish along with the other three shades because they are beautiful for summer, easy to get off so you can have some quick versatility (especially for those like me who like to change their nail polish once or more a week).

Again, this is sold on in a set for $13.00

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