Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Eye Makeup #4: Soft Blue Smokey Eye

Hello Readers!

This is a quick eye makeup look with some products that I've been testing out.

The first product I used is an eyeshadow palette by Lorac that I got for Christmas last year I believe so I don't believe it is available anymore, BUT have no fear,  I only used one of the eyeshadows, so you can very easily find a dupe. The shade I used is a medium blue that can be used very lightly for a soft look, or much heavier for a makeup look that can be worn at night. And because it is a simple matte blue shade, you can easily find a good dupe from Mac or ever a drugstore brand like Covergirl, since the look is not complicated.

I apply the blue eyeshadow to the outer part of my eyes just to add more depth and make my eyes pop from behind my glasses. And then I apply Jordana's Fabu Liner in black which is not the blackest eyeliner, and the applicator is not as flexible but it does allow you to create a very nice, sharp flick. The mascara I used was Rimmel Scandalous Mascara. I've had this for a while and I got to say, my final opinon is that it is not that great. I think because I'm used to  the amazingness and have complete love for Mac's Zoom lash mascara, any other is just not as great.

So, this was a very quick blog post, I hope you enjoyed, and next week, I'll have my second blog post about books! : )

Thank you for reading : )

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