Sunday, July 14, 2013

Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes Mascara Review


Now simply, I freaking love this mascara.

 I wear glasses all day every day so I don't like mascaras that lengthen my lashes, as they would touch my glasses' lenses and my lashes are quite long any way, but I do love volume. This mascara does't have the name "falsies" on it like Maybelline's actual mascara that is meant to give the false lash effect, but these do not give the full false lash effect. I adore the falsies mascara, great for dramatic eye looks as well as simple one, but just to add an extra "umph" ( ? )Yes  okay but I freakin love the big eyes mascara  It doesn't clump, it stays on nicely all day and I went swimming with this on and it did not smear! 10 out 10 stars!

Sold at Target and other cosmetic stores that sell Maybelline Products

Sells between 7.00 to 10.00 depending on where you go.

Purple side of packaging as a brush meant for top lashes and the black side has a brush meant for bottom lashes. Both are fantastic!

:) Thanks for reading!

Below are some photos of me with the mascara on, please note i do in fact realise my eyeballs are weird. And I only have the mascara on my top lashes as my bottom ones are already quite long, i don't apply mascara there unless I am wearing a smokey eye look.


  1. I have never tried maybelline mascaras, but I now I'd like to :) I do need mascaras that lengthen my lashes and add volume, as I don't have very long lashes. Do you know any who makes both things?
    Nice post! :)

    1. I know Revlon's Lash Potion Mascara lengthens my lashes quite a bit. You can try that as well. :)