Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Favorite Beauty Youtubers

I thought i would make a quick little post today about my top 5 favorite beauty youtubers.

1. Wayne Goss

He is probably my favorite of all; he's honest, sweet, funny, and every time he uploads a new video whether its a tutorial or a review and demo I always click to watch it first, before anyone else. He just makes my day better. He uploads quite frequently, a few times each week, is always honest, and always has a unique sense of humor. I also really enjoy his vlog channel, where he uploads little conversation starters and little things about his life.

2. Essie Button

She is incredible! Her reviews are just so honest and she has the most quirky and real personality. She always seems to brighten my day a bit. I love youtubers who are real and allow their personality to shine through. She posts about once a week, mainly reviews of a bundle of products (like empty products videos) but she also posts tutorials, mainly "face of the day". She also has a daily blog where you can read reviews about certain products.

3. Vintage Or Tacky 

She is an artist! Her videos are tutorials, and are always unique and original. She also does reviews of new products and is completely honest.

4. Baily B. 

She uploads frequently, once or twice a week and her videos are the best when it comes to reviews. She doesn't spend so much time; each review is meant to be under 60 seconds and she also posts videos that are under 5 minutes that feature her favorite beauty products of a specific brand or type.

5. Tanya Burr

Her tutorials are amazing! Very unique but also quite wearable. Vintage or Tacky does tutorials that are creative and magical but aren't meant to be worn out everyday on a normal, typical day. Tanya however makes tutorials that are inspired by something, but she makes them suitable for everyday.

Honorable Mention:

Lisa Eldridge 

She is just awesome! She is a professional makeup artist like Vintage or Tacky, Wayne Goss, and Tanya, but she is a bit older, so she has had more experience and is much more for the sophisticated, mature audience. I love watching her because of her insight on the makeup world and her looks she creates are just divine.

Thank you for reading! Please contact me on tumblr if you want a product reviewed. :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review: NYX Eyebrow Duo

I love defined brows thanks to the elegant Cara Delevingne. Defining your brows (even just filling in the gaps) can really transform your face. I think part of the "no-make-up" look is to have fuller brows. To achieve this, I decided to try Nyx's eyebrow duo. It comes with a mini angled brush, a mini spoolie (for combing through the eyebrow before and after product is applied) as well as two shades and a wax for setting hairs in place.

What I do is I take the spoolie, brush my eyebrows downward, revealing the gaps more clearly, and then I apply the lighter color using an EcoTools angled brush through them and then i go in with the darker one in more of the center of the brow as well as in the real intense gap areas. I then take the spoolie and brush through my eyebrows, blending in the colors, allowing it to look more natural and not drawn on. I then take the mini angled brush and use the wax to lay down sparse airs that stick out. The eyebrow powder is great however I find adding the wax makes the eyebrows a bit shiny so I then go back in with so powder to mattefy it and the spoolie to blend it all.

As far as lasting power, it lasts all day. The duo comes in more than one shade range; I have the shade ranger i believe that is meant for brunettes, but as I am at school typing this, I don't have the actual product with me and I felt I should really get a blog post up soon.

Overall I recommend this product to anyone who is a beginner at makeup or at doing their brows (as i was only a few months ago). The cost i believe is under $7 and is sold at Ulta and Target.

Thanks for reading :) Any questions or requests for future reviews, please message me on my tumblr or polyvore :)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

July Favorites

Foundation: I've been liking the Covergirl 3 in 1 Foundation. Its a great foundation for summer because it as primer and sunscreen in it and it provides up to medium coverage. Although I prefer Revlon's Color stay foundation, that can be a bit heavy for a summer day.

Concealer: Maybelline's Fit Me concealer is by far my favorite concealer. It covers dark, under-eye circles, covers little spots, and is blendable. It offers good coverage for a drugstore product and has been raved by youtubers Wayne Goss and Eleventh Gorgeous. :)

Mascara: Maybelline's Falsies Big Eyes is by far my favorite. I explain everything about this mascara here: http://lovegoodguidance.blogspot.com/2013/07/maybelline-falsies-big-eyes-mascara.html

Eye Shadow: Mac's Stain Taupe is one I have been enjoying this month. It is so easy to use, either as a wash of color all over the lid or to define the crease. Its a mixture of purple and taupe and looks stunning on brown eyes.

Highlighter: Mac's vanilla pigment is stunning!! It gives a gorgeous glow when placed on the brow bone and on the cheekbones. ITS STUNNING!!!!

Lip Product: I have two favorites this month for lip product. The first one is Mac's lipstick in Plumful. Its basically my lips but better! Sort of a mauve-y pink-y natural color.  My other favorite is EOS Lip balm. Recently I went to Lake Mead in Nevada and my lips suffered quite a bit. Thankfully I had EOS lip balm and my lips are much better!


Hair Products:

-Garnier Fructis hair spray: Anti humidity: I use this every time i get my hair wet and its just amazing. Keeps all the frizz away!

-Aussie's Aussome Volume Styling Hair Mouse: Enhances my curly hair and doesn't leave it looking greasy or overly shiny. Makes it soft and not crunchy! LOVE THIS


Non-Beauty Favorites

Movie: The Heat: I cried laughing. AMAZING 

TV: Sherlock (BBC): Although its been out for a couple years I finally gave into tumblr and the fandom and started watching it at the beginning of summer and oh my god where has this been all my life???!!! Its amazing! I just love the script and the music and the actors and oh my god the chemistry between John and Sherlock is just so amazing! Its brilliant! 

Thank you for reading and if there are any products you would like me to review please comment down below, email me, or contact me on polyvore. :) 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes Mascara Review


Now simply, I freaking love this mascara.

 I wear glasses all day every day so I don't like mascaras that lengthen my lashes, as they would touch my glasses' lenses and my lashes are quite long any way, but I do love volume. This mascara does't have the name "falsies" on it like Maybelline's actual mascara that is meant to give the false lash effect, but these do not give the full false lash effect. I adore the falsies mascara, great for dramatic eye looks as well as simple one, but just to add an extra "umph" ( ? )Yes  okay but I freakin love the big eyes mascara  It doesn't clump, it stays on nicely all day and I went swimming with this on and it did not smear! 10 out 10 stars!

Sold at Target and other cosmetic stores that sell Maybelline Products

Sells between 7.00 to 10.00 depending on where you go.

Purple side of packaging as a brush meant for top lashes and the black side has a brush meant for bottom lashes. Both are fantastic!

:) Thanks for reading!

Below are some photos of me with the mascara on, please note i do in fact realise my eyeballs are weird. And I only have the mascara on my top lashes as my bottom ones are already quite long, i don't apply mascara there unless I am wearing a smokey eye look.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Drugstore BB Creams: Maybelline, Revlon, and L'Oreal

BB creams have been popular for some time now, and there are many reviews about which ones are actually good and so on. One of my polyvore friends asked me to do a post about some inexpensive bb creams and review them.

I am also going to be explaining each BB cream on different days, so there might be some difference in how much information there is.


So without further ado, the first BB cream I tested was Revlon Photo Ready BB Cream in Pale.

-light coverage
-not the best color range, especially for fair people (like myself, i found the lightest shade to be a tad too light, and the medium to be too dark; i believe there are only 3 shades)
-affordable price: at Target it sells for $9.00

-I have dry skin, and I had heard of this BB cream from youtube beauty guru Missglamorazzi, who has oily skin. This BB cream, I think, would be better for people who have oily skin. This product did a good job at evening out my skin, toning down the redness, and is actually a nice BB cream to use on days when you don't feel the need to put on foundation.

-Although its a good BB cream and I will continue to use it, I do need to powder my face after I apply it as I always do with any foundation, but for this specific product I tend to get a bit more oily in my t-zone area.

4/5 rating


Maybelline BB Cream $7-8

-Little to no coverage

-smells like sunscreen

-didn't stay on all day

will not be repurchasing


L'Oreal Magic. roughly $10-11

Not my favorite of the three. The shade range is very pour and it doesn't stay on all day.

-Light coverage

-Does not make skin feel nice/smooth



Overall, I like both Revlon and Maybelline but I feel Revlon did a bit better job overall.

thanks for reading!!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polish Review

A quick review since its 12:15 am and theres not much too say about this product except thats is pretty awesome.

I bought the color, "Ionic Indigo" which isn't really indigo but really really blue. Surprisingly, its was pretty inexpensive: at Target it is sold for $5. 

The magnetic look is super cool and unique. The key thing you have to remember is to put all your focus on painting your nails with this certain nail polish. I was watching Pretty Little Liars so I wasn't completely focused. I got the left hand perfect, since I am right handed, but the right didn't turn out has great. Only because of me, not the nail polish. 

The other key thing to remember is to read the instructions printed on the bottle. Simply, paint one nice, even coat on all nails you want painted. Then, when dried, paint a thick coat on one nail at a time, after painting a thick coat, immediately place the magnet above the nail, resting it on your finger. 

( I painted my entire left hand, let it dry, then painted it again like the directions said, and place the magnet right over my nail, resting the little stump on my finger, then after that dried i moved onto my right hand).

Overall, is this product worth the investment? Hell Yes!


thanks for reading :) 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Review: Jordana Eyeshadow Duo

Jordana Eyeshadow in 08 Prefect Team

Found at Walgreens for about $3.00, these two eyeshadows are the classic white and black duo used to create a simple easy smokey eye and can be combined with other eyeshadows to create different looks.

Pros & Cons
  • The black eyeshadow is great for blending into the socket to add definition or placed into the crease to create a really nice "cut-crease" looks. The black eyeshadow isn't very black, and when blended, is more on the dark gray side. 
  • The white eyeshadow is best used as a highlight right below the eyebrow. It isn't very pigmented and isn't great as an all "over the lid" eyeshadow.
Final Review 

Even though I will continue to use this product as the lasting power is pretty good for a drugstore eyeshadow, I will not be using them to create one look, only using the white as a highlight and the black to define the crease. 

 The swatches do in fact show pigmentation, however once applied to the eye with my finger and also with a brush, they are not very pigmented 

Thanks for reading! <3 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

First Review: Mirenesse Glossy Kiss

In cute packaging, this glossy lip stain can leave a "pretty matte stain" when blotted or when layered on, create a fabulous glossy look.

When Applied
It goes on a bit sheer, but is very easily build-able.


  • The wear of this product is great, and wears off nicely, not leaving a line around the lips. 
  • The color, titled "Prefect Kiss" is a soft, muted red, with a slight champagne shimmer. 
  • The smell isn't strong, which I like, but the scent is a bit too sweet for my liking, but like I said, not too strong and will not linger throughout the day. 


Hi Everyone!

My name is Kayla, and this is my blog. I'm going to mainly focus on beauty, doing some reviews on makeup products and doing some hauls which will have quick little reviews. I may also do first impressions of certain products  As my blog grows, or if I get a bit bored, I may start posting "Outfit of the Day"s as well as fashion hauls just to show everyone what is being sold at certain places. :) I hope you like my blog and if you have any requests please feel free to contact me through my polyvore account which will be posted on the side somewhere, or email me through my gmail account.

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