Tuesday, November 4, 2014

October Favorites

1. This month I've been loving Sonia Kashuk Eyeliner Palette. I did a full review here. This was great for easy, daily looks. The black eyeshadow is one of the blackest eyeshadows I have tried and there is little fallout. I love using the black and grey for everyday smokey eye looks.

2. The next thing I've been loving is the L'oreal Visible Lift Foundation. I also did a review on this product. Its very easy to apply, provides light to medium coverage but I feel that with this foundation I don't need anymore coverage. It feels great on my skin and matches my skin very well.

3. For nails, I have been loving Essie Nail Polish in Wicked. Two coats will give a very opaque, deep color that almost appears black, but is in fact oxblood. Its a gorgeous autumn color that lasts for a good 3 days without terrible chipping. 

4.  The next thing I've been loving is The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer. This is the most beautiful highlighter ever. Its very intense, and a small amount goes a long way, but it is gorgeous. I love applying some to my inner corners of my eyes to appear more away. Its also beautiful as a cheek highlight.

5. The last thing I've been loving is the Body Shop's Shea Body Mist. It smells super clean and fresh and is not overpowering and can be reapplied throughout the day.

Other Beauty Favorites include these three products mentioned in this post

For non-beauty favorites, I have been loving Season 10 of Supernatural on the CW. Only 3 episodes so far but I am enjoying every second. I won't say much for fear of revealing anything but I definitely

recommend the show, which seasons 1-9 are aviable on Instant Watch on Netflix. ^.^

A movie I enjoyed this month is the 1985 film "Clue". Its based off the board game and its really really good! Its full of mystery and humor and a great ending! The cast is amazing, the script great, and really keeps you entertained.

Watch the trailer here 

 Thank you for reading! ^.^

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Recent Beauty Favorites

Over the past two weeks I have been loving three certain products and decided to dedicate a blog post to them. They are all drug store products which is a bonus! ^.^

1. E.L.F Maximum Coverage Concealer in the shade porcelain 
This is the best drugstore concealer I have ever tried. It provides great coverage, does not look cakey, and actually matches my fair complexion. I find this concealer to cover redness and can act has the only base I wear for the day, skipping foundation all together. Its creamy, easy to apply with fingers and/or a brush.

2. Covergirl Smoochies Lipbalm in "#2cute"
This is a super creamy lipbalm. Although its not the most moisturizing, it does not dry out my already rather dry lips. The color is gorgeous and does contain some shimmer which I thought I wouldn't like but on days where I need some color on my lips, this particular shade adds the perfect color that works for the autumn season. Its a bit berry and a bit of a red color that is 100% wearable and easy to apply; No mirror needed!

3. L'Oreal Lash Out Butterfly mascara in Blackest Black
This is one of my all-time favorite mascaras! The formula is great; I find my lashes look great both once applied and by the end of the day with no smudges or flaking. Its sort of a wet and dry formula; the lashes do not clump, but if I shut my eyes right after applying, there will be a bit of transfer but my lashes do dry and there is no transfer after a minute or so. This mascara is amazing and gives my lashes a very lovely affect that does not interfere with my glasses. 

These three products are actually great to be used in one full face of makeup without needed to apply anything else! I highly recommend checking out these products next time you're at the drugstore! ^.^

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

September Favorites

This month was a very hot month and so my makeup routine involved makeup that could last all day in this summer weather.

The first product I've been loving in September is Rimmel London Match Perferction blush in 001 Light

This blush is perfect because its not shimmery! Its perfect in the sunlight and my skin doesn't look like a disco ball. The blush comes with 3 colors; a light peachy pink, a more mauve pink, and a pinker mauve color. I tend to mix the deep mauve with the lighter pink but swirling your brush in one color or all there colors creates a beautiful shade.

The second favorite for September is Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls.

This is the best product ever! I'm serious! I have naturally curly hair but without the proper styling gel, it ends up a frizzy mess with the curls random and not in any nice form. With this product, I get my hair wet and then wait until its no longer dripping water and I apply a bit more than a quarter size on my palm, rub my hands together, and then just spread the product all over, focusing on the ends. And then i take whatever is left and run my hands through my bangs. I then scrunch my hair upwards and sometimes I would tilt my head upside down and scrunch my hair towards my scalp to really get the curls formed. I'm left with my hair like the picture below and through out the day my hair stays like that apart from looking wet; it makes my hair stay looking darker (wet) longer than when I don't use the product but it does dry fully and I'm left with gorgeous soft, non-crunchy curls! Another bonus is that this product smells DIVINE!


The third product I've been loving is Milani's Face powder in 01 Light.

This is a great powder for hot weather! I find my dry skin feeling super soft and my concealer and foundation staying much better with this powder over it. It also smells lovely! I have already hit pan on it from using it every day in the last 3-4 months! I will say that this powder does not provide noticeable coverage. 

My fourth September favorite is non-beauty and its the TV Show Doctor Who (BBC America). This 8th season is so good! I was at first not really liking the 12th Doctor, but after last week's episode, I am liking him more. Still love Eleven and Ten, but I am starting to like the new Doctor. I am loving Clara though even more! She is amazing and just is written so well this season. I didn't really like her in season 7 but now I am loving her! I think so far, my favorite episode of this season as been episode 3, Robot of Sherwood, which featured Robin Hood!

My fifth favorite of September has been a youtube channel and that is Essie Button Vlogs!
She has a beauty youtube channel as well (which I love) but this month I've been loving her vlogs! She recently had some vlogs in August when she and her boyfriend, Aslan, traveled around Scandinavia but in September there were a couple of vlogs that are just perfect. She is so funny, so amazing, and very interesting to watch! I definitely recommend checking her out, especially now because she's doing Vlogtober! ^.^

And that is it for my September Favorites! I hope this was interesting and if anyone wants to say hi or recommend a product for review, please send me an ask (anon or not) on my tumblr ^.^

Friday, September 19, 2014

Back to School Makeup

Today I thought I would mention some makeup products that I have been loving for the past 3 weeks since school began. I am in university and lucky enough to have enough time in the morning to do a full face of makeup which I personally prefer.

The first thing I've been loving is Stila Smudge stick waterproof Eyeliner in Stingray which is a true black shade. This eyeliner is amazing! I have dry eyes and find that some eyeliners and eyeshadows can dry them out even more but this eyeliner does not do that. Its easy to apply, easy to smudge and there is little to no transfer to the upper part of my lid when my eyes are wide open (which happens more with other eyeliners such as gel or liquid). This eyeliner is retractable which is great. The one downside is that the eyeliner tip is not pointed which can cause it to be tricky if wanting to create a precise line. I have also loved the stile eyeliner in navy for days when I want more of a pop of color.

 The second thing I've been loving is Covergirl Trublend Foundation in L1, Ivory. Its light to medium coverage and feels great on my (dry) skin. I don't find this to cling to any dry spots which is great but I do find that it does not last perfectly all day in hot southern California weather. Because I'm outside a lot walking to class with the sun blazing down I find the foundation to wear away more than it would on a colder day. I do recommend this foundation to anyone with dry skin. The shade I have surprisingly is one of the few shades I've ever tried that's not too dark and matches my neck (which is very light). I find cream and powder products to work well with this product as well. Because its a light foundation but does not do very well in over 90 degree weather, I would recommend more for the more colder days.

The third thing I've been loving for back to school is Maybelline's Baby Lips lip balm in Grapevine.
This is very easy to apply, is moisturizing and provides some color to the lips. I find that if I don't wear anything on my lips, I looks more tired and I feel less "put together" while when I do wear something on my lips I feel much more alive and this product is great because I don't need to use a mirror.

Those are just three products I've been loving for school. :) I hope this blog post is helpful.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

L'Oreal Visible Lift Blur Foundation and Blush Review

Foundation available at Target and Ulta

Blush also available at Target and Ulta

The blush review I did for my July favorites

Now the foundation retails in between 12-15$ which, in my opinion, is pricy for a drugstore foundation but that aside I think this foundation overall is a great foundation.


  • Lightweight; perfect for warm summer days 
  • Great for dry skin; I have very dry skin and this foundation did not cling to dry patches. One of the best foundations I have tried regarding dry skin
  • Feels greasy at first (i know, not a pro) BUT it went away while I applied the rest of my makeup and once I set a powder, my skin felt fine.
  • Blurs out skin; I found my skin looks clear in the mirror and any discoloration was gone
  • A lot of product goes a long way so you get enough product to last for awhile 
  • Build-able without looking cakey; light to medium almost full coverage 

  • Expensive
  • Might be too greasy/oily for Oily/Combination skin

The blush works amazing with this foundation but is also a bit overpriced which is a bummer. The blush also works great with other foundations and can be applied before or after applying powder and also can be build-able. 

* Thank you for reading ^.^ *

Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Favorites

This month I have been traveling a lot and packing only a little bit of makeup; stuff that I own but haven't used as much but found that I really enjoyed some of those products and so I decided to write up a blog post about them.

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze

This was great for the days I didn't have an eyeshadow palette with me or I didn't have time; It adds warmth to the eye and if blended upward through the crease it gives dimension to the eye without being much of a hassle. It is also great with just using my fingers rather than a brush.

L'Oreal Visible Lift Blur Blush

This blush is perfect for summer days! Its light weight, not shimmery whats-so-ever, and gives a gorgeous color to the cheeks. Its liquid and blends beautifully with other liquid foundations and I found this blush starts out sheer and can be used lightly but also is very build able and does not look patchy or streaky.

Mally Beauty Volumizing Mascara 

This mascara is perfect for days without time for eyeliner. It is a wet formula but dries nicely and volumizes my lashes without getting in the way of my glasses. It makes my eyes stand out from behind my glasses on days when I don't have time for eyeliner or eyeshadow.

Covergirl Colorlicious Lipgloss in Candylicious

This lipgloss feels great on the lips, is easy to apply, sheer enough not to use a mirror but does give color to the lips! Its affordable and there are a lot of color options to suit everyone.

And that is it for my July Favorites, I hope you found this helpful and please leave a comment down below what you would like the next blog post to be. Thank you! ^.^

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Lipstick Product Addict Tag

Now, this has been going around youtube a lot and although I'm not on youtube and I wasn't tagged by anyone, I thought this would be really fun to do!


1. What is your favorite balm or treatment?

I have quite dry lips, so I like to use quite a variety of lip balms, but one that I love and always use is the Vaseline Lip Therapy "Rosy Lips for soft, pink lips".  I do have a blog post that explains it in much more detailed here

2. What is your favorite eye catching red?

I don't prefer wearing red lips but one I do wear when I'm in the mood, I wear e.l.f lip stain in Crimson Crush. Its long wearing, fades nicely (no lines or bleeding), and isn't drying. 

3. The best luxury and drugstore product?

Best Luxury: Buxom's Lip Cream in Kir Royale, a deep, glossy berry-red. It feels AH-MAZING on the lips! Its minty and tingling and just feels amazing and gorgeous! Its one of the most expensive lip products I own: 19$ at sephora. 


(excuse my sunburned nose and cheeks) (also, the color looks a lot more red than it actually is; its more like Hang Up by Mac, but glossier)

Best Drugstore: This is really hard as I own a lot of drugstore lip products, so I have to give two rather than just one. 

The first one is Sonia Kashuk lipstick in Currant available at Target. Its creamy, pigmented and a perfect "neutral red" for autumn. 

The second one is Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Sultry, also available at Target. Its creamy as well, more moisturizing, and a lot more pigmented but this color also is a perfect neutral for autumn. 

Both these lip products last nicely and leave an appealing stain on the lips. 


4. Best MAC lipstick?

This is really hard for I own 6 Mac lipsticks, but the one I reach for the most is Hang Up which is a beautiful deep berry. Its great when applied or when its applied lightly to give some deep color. Its just gorgeous! 

5. Most disappointing lip product?

Rimmel London, Kate Moss lipstick in number 9. The color is lovely and very pigmented but I find its too drying on the lips, not creamy so therefore not easy to apply one the go. The smell as well is too strong. 

6. Lip Liner: Yes or No?

YES! My favorite is NYX lip liner in Peekaboo Neutral

7. Favorite gloss?

Stila's lip glaze in Pink Dragonfruit. Its sticky, but the nice sticky that makes you aware its there and will last all days and my hair doesn't get caught in it. This color is the perfect barbie pink and what I like to refer it to as my "Marina and the Diamonds pink". Its just so pretty and lovely.

8. ..Something else?!

Mac's lipstick in Goddess of the Sea. Its limited edition but its the perfect purple for summer! I love wearing darker than my natural lip color and I find Mac's Hang Up to be too deep for summer but this color is perfect! 

Thank you for reading! ^.^

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Formula X Nail Polish Review

Lately I've heard a lot about these formula x nail polishes from youtube beauty guru Essie Button and decided to give one a try to see what all the hype was about. I found the color "A little Sexy" in the sale rack, so instead of being $10, I got it for 5$! And I am impressed. When applying, it is quite opaque after only one coat, but I do apply between 2-3 coats and it doesn't look bad! It looks very sleek and clean and the color itself is so unique-a mix of periwinkle, cinderella blue, and lilac. The polish itself lasts for a good 4-5 days, only actually chipping around the tips. The color selection is amazing too and I definitely will be purchasing more!

Sadly, the shade I have is sold out online but hopefully stores such as the one I went to in Portland, Oregon will have it.

Formula X Nail Polishes can be purchased here

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lip Treatment for Dry Lips

I've been comparing these two for awhile now and decided to say which I would prefer. Both are amazing products however I find the vaseline feels better when applied right after exfoliating my lips with Elf's lip scrub and right before I go to bed. I find the body shop lip butter feels nice on the lips and works well while applying the rest of my makeup at the start of the day. I find the lip butter when applied at night feels a bit weird and although it smells very nice, the smell is a bit sweet for nighttime. 

Overall, these are both very good for dry lips and definitely have improved my lips. The lip butter is yellow in color but no color is apparent on the lips and the vaseline is meant to give a rosy color to the lips but I found it to be very settle. I think both of these products are great for traveling as well given the small and sturdy packaging. 

Thank you for reading! ^.^

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sonia Kashuk Nail Colour Review

Can be purchased here

I own the colors Petal Pusher, a muted rose pink, and Breakfast at Tiffanys, a dusty seafoam.

The nail polishes are great value, and last 4-5 days. The color selection isn't diverse but do provide great colors for summer.  I've never could find a good dusty pink until this one.

The nail polishes are opaque after 2 coats and dry fairly quickly. I highly recommend these nail polishes for they are affordable and great for summer!

Thank you for reading ^.^

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Weekly Spotlight: Color Club Nail Lacquer in Aquamarine Azulino

I've decided to do a special post (plus any other post that I may feel like posting) once a week that will be featuring a product that is note-worthy.

This week, its Color Club's Nail Lacquer in Aquamarine Azulino.

Right now its for sale on birchbox.com (link above), however its only sold in a set of 4 gorgeous nail polishes.

The formula is not the best; in order to get a opaque clean coat you have to apply one even coat (it will be streaky) and then wait about 2-3 minutes and then paint a second coat. You may of to do up to 3 coats. However, once its dry its very beautiful. It looks much like a Cinderella color sometimes and a vibrant baby blue shade perfect for summer in the sun. It looks stunning against any skin color.

The lasting power is average, 3-4 days until medium to severe chipping. However I do recommend this nail polish along with the other three shades because they are beautiful for summer, easy to get off so you can have some quick versatility (especially for those like me who like to change their nail polish once or more a week).

Again, this is sold on birchbox.com in a set for $13.00

Friday, May 30, 2014

Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation

This can be purchased here

I have used this product in the past 3 or 4 months and am quite impressed with this product. It is very affordable and is actually a great matte product for normal to dry skin. I use my fingers to apply the product, and sometimes go over any dry patches with a damp makeup sponge.


- Beautiful Matte Finish

-Lasts very well; medium coverage


-A little bit goes along way which means the product will last you quite a while


-In really dry areas, mainly on the center of my forehead, and around my nose, the product clings to the dry patches but whats great is that the shade I use (the lightest) is such a perfect match that I don't have to apply any on dry patches and if I do, I can fix the look by going over any dry patches with a damp Real Techniques makeup sponge.

Overall, I highly recommend this product for an everyday makeup routine

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Revlon Collection

I own 25 Revlon products so I thought it would be helpful to review them, give my preferences and say which ones were great and which ones aren't.

Faves bolded and italicized 

First, lipsticks and lipglosses in order left to right

Revlon Colorburst lip butter in Tutti Frutti 015
Revlon SuperLustrous Lipstick Rich Girl Red 830
"" "" "" "" In Cherries in the Snow 440
Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede in High Heels 030
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Pink in the Afternoon 415
"" "" "" "" in Blushing Mauve 460
Revlon Colorbrust lip butter in Cupcake 055
Super lustrous liploss in Berry Allure 225
"" Peony 08

Just bitten kissable balm stain 005 Crush
Revlon Colorburst matte balm in 225 Sultry 
Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in 001 Honey

Just Bitten Kissable Lipstain + balm in 
top: Flame 
bottom: Desire 

My favorite would have to be the Revlon Color-burst matte balm stain in Sultry because its matte, but not drying at all and is a very unique color great for everyday. I also really like the Super Lustrous Lipstick in Blushing Mauve as its very moisturizing and "your lips but better" sort of lipstick.

I do not really like the lip butters; they are not fully opaque and do not feel very moisturizing. Instead they feel gooey and icky for a lack of a better term.

 Revlon Diamond Lust in the shade: 115 Neptune Star

This eyeshadow is great to wear over a dark cream base to add dimension but on its own its not very pigmented and difficult to apply an even layer. There will be fallout no matter what. 

Revlon Highlighting palette in 020 Rose Glow

Beautiful once applied to cheeks after swirling brush in all colors but acts more as a highlight rather than a blush 

Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream in 010 Light

Great for lazy, already have done a full review on it here

Nail polish; I own 7 Revlon nail polishes:
Back Row: 570 Vixen, 320 Jaded, & 211 Charming
Middle Row: 225 Jungle, 230 Bonsai, & 250 Rich Raspberry
Front: Pink Pineapple

The one I think is not the best is Pink Pineapple; it was too sheer, and when applied, it looked too streaky. The best Revlon nail polishes are the color-stay ones, my favorite being Rich Raspberry because its perfect for summer and for winter.

Overall I think Revlon is a fantastic drugstore brand with superb products, mainly their lip products, with a few hits here and there. If you've never tried Revlon before, try the Super Lustrous Lipsticks first! They are in fact the shinning stars in the whole product range.

**If you want an in-depth review on one of the products mentioned please send me a message on tumblr!**

Thank you for reading! If there any recommendations of products you want reviewed please send me a message via Tumblr here on anon or not. :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

April Favorites

The following are some products that I've been loving for the month of April:

1. MAC Zoom Lash Mascara
This mascara is brilliant! Its not clumpy and gives my lashes amazing volume and length. I wear eyeglasses all the time and this is one of the few mascaras I've tried that doesn't cause my lashes to either touch my glasses or loose its shape from rubbing against my glasses. Highly recommend!

2.  Boots Expert Anti-Redness Serum 
This is the best! I have already repurchased this because it actually works. I used to have really red cheeks (mild rosacea) and would get really red if I was hot and sweaty after a workout or if I were embarrassed. This serum is the best; it toned down my redness, allowing me to feel much more confident without makeup and allowed me to wear blush without looking like a clown.

3. NYC Nail Polish in Big Apple Red 
This red is a must have for me. Its perfect for spring and summer without being too bright or too dark. The formula is great given its really affordable and lasts with no chipping for about 3 days. I wear this color constantly when I don't have other appealing colors in my collection. I have worn this for the entire month of April, only reapplying twice.

4. NYX Eyebrow Duo 
I won't go much into detail because I did do a separate post about this product here. This is a great, affordable eyebrow product perfect for dark blonde/light brown coloring. I don't use the wax anymore because it got a bit dirty but the powders are still perfect and I haven't even hit bottom yet, and its been almost 8 months since I first purchased it!

5. Stila Eyeliner Set 
I actually purchased this at Nordstrom Rack and instead of paying $25, I only had to pay around $16. This is a great set with a black, brown, blue, purple, and teal. They are perfect, easy to use and do not tug on the eyelid. The black is the one I use daily while I did use the teal for a bit of fun on my waterline which was a bit tricky at first. These eyeliners are great, but I do recommend purchasing only one if you're unsure, as some colors might not be everyone's cup of tea.

Thats it for my April Favorites! Thank you for reading! :)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sonia Kashuk Eyeliner Palette


This palette comes with 6 MATTE eyeliners. I actually think they are more eyeshadows because they are powder. But they do work well as eyeliners. In the above photo of swatches, there is a black shade, a gray, blue, purple, olive green, and a brown. The shades are easy to blend and are great for everyday looks. I personally like to use one shade just to line my eyes, choosing black for everyday or a colored one for a bit of fun. They are also great when doing a cut crease. The shadows are long lasting however when worn together, they can fade (not crease) throughout the day.

Overall, I highly recommend this product for those who don't like shimmery eyeshadows and just want a small eyeshadow palette with wearable shades.

Sold at Target for $14

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Gel Eyeliner Review

Can be purchased here 

The Pros:
1. Stays on all day
2. Dries to a satin finish that can easily be changed to a matte finish if black eyeshadow is applied over it.

The Cons:
1. If black shadow isn't applied after the gel, it can transfer slightly when you open your eyes.
2. A bit tricky to get off with makeup remover. I recommend this makeup remover for the eyes.

Overall, I think this is a great gel eyeliner from the drugstore!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Estee Lauder Pure Color Blush Review

Because of Christmas, I had some free-spending money and I thought it best to invest in some high end makeup. So, one of the very first high end makeup product I have ever bought was this blush!

I swatched it at the counter and dabbed some on my cheeks, giving myself a gorgeous flush that looked natural and as if I were kissed by the sun! (The color of I have is Intriguing Plum) It was $30 but overall I think its totally worth the investment! Only one downside is that this product is very VERY pigmented. A lot goes along way! It is also a bit difficult to open the packaging, but thats not the worst thing.

The blush is not shimmery, but not matte either. It gives a gorgeous flush and is perfect given as a luxurious gift or as a self-investment.

The blush can be purchased here as well as Nordstrom, which is where I purchased mine. It costs $30 at both places. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette Review + Swatches

This stunning palette comes with 20 shadows.

Three are matte (habit, rewind, and x-rated), there are a few satin shades, and the rest are shimmery, but are not chunky and when applied to the eye, the shimmer does not look too extreme or costume-y. All the colors in my opinion can be worn in simple, everyday looks apart from shellshock This one is very vibrant when applied wet and therefore I feel it can actually take a simple look from day to night.

The shadows can be applied wet or dry, however a few, when applied dry, will have some fall-out. I believe all the colors can be worn, either as a wash of color blended out or packed on the eye for an intense flash of color. I think it would also be fun to apply one of the more vibrant colors - such as damaged or voodoo - wet and apply like an eyeliner.

The packaging is sturdy, and comes with a large mirror and a double ended brush.

The palette retails for $60 on urban decay's website and if you love color and makeup, then I think it is totally worth the investment.

The only downsides to this palette it is not travel friendly and it is definitely targeted to those (like myself) who love makeup and love color.

Here is a makeup tutorial done by VintageorTacky which not only shows a look with this palette but also is what sold me into getting this palette.

The colors on top, left to right are: rewind, derailed, betrayal, and voodoo. I'm really sorry I'm still trying (and failing) to work this blogging thing out and for some reason the colors aren't in order, so the second picture I'm not sure what colors those are.

The colors on the bottom row above from left to right are x-rated, coax, shellshock, lovesick and smokeout. Tanya Burr actually did a lovely makeup tutorial using the color x-rated. 

(When I published this I saw that the photos are a bit jumbled up, so above, the names start off with the matte pink and end at the intense black)

The photo on the (bottom) left as the colors in order from left to right and they are dope, toxic, habit, ambush and rewind. The photo on the right has the colors strike, madness, and prank. 

I am so sorry for the quality of pictures, I am trying to find my camera but I have no idea when the last time i saw it. 

I hope this review and these swatches were somewhat helpful. Again, I totally recommend this palette and if you would like to buy it, here is the link. And if there are any products you would like me to review, please message me on my tumblr. Thank you for reading!