Thursday, September 3, 2015

August Favorites

Hello Readers!

I only have four makeup items to share with you, so this is going to be a very quick blog post.

My first favorite is Rimmel London's Match Perfection foundation. I usually use Revlon's Colorstay foundation, but I've been finding that a bit too heavy for summer and so I decided to re-try this one and I love it! It feels slippery a bit more than the Revlon one, but is much easier to blend, and does not look cakey. It matches me perfectly and can give light to medium coverage. And on top of that, I've been loving an old fave and that is Rimmel London's Stay Matte powder. I vary between using the translucent shade and the next shade after that, but this powder is perfect and I like to dust that everwhere on my face and then spritz a makeup setting spray (I've been using E.L.F's setting spray recently).

I ran out of my NYX eyebrow powder, so I tested the Wet 'n' Wild Brow Kit, which comes with two brown shades: a warm medium brown and a darker, more cool-toned brown and a wax (which I have not tried). I mix the brow powders on my brush and then use the lighter one to fill in the front of my brows and the darker one to define them more near the arch, and then comb through them with a spoolie. I love this product and I think it's much better than the NYX one because it comes with two distinct shades that can be used very well together.

Lastly, I've been loving Urban Decay's Naked Cheek palette, particularly the highlight shade. Its a beautiful pink-toned with gold shimmer and is the perfect everyday highlight. The blush and the bronzer are great too, but this past month, I've been using the highlighter much more often.

As for Non-Beauty favorites, I made a post all about the books I read in the summer which you can read here. I don't have a favorite book this month as I finished The Martian on the first of August and the book I read after that, I gave 3/5 stars; it wasn't my favorite but I liked it. I am currently reading a very good book and so that will probably be in my September favorites.

As for TV and movies, since its summer not much as been on but I did catch up with Pretty Little Liars and I enjoyed the finale very much; I think it was very well tied up and resolved and I did like the ending but I just wish they didn't continue with the show. I think if they just ended the show with the girls going off to college, that would've been a nice ending for the entire show.

So, that is it for my August favorites! Thank you for reading : )

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