Saturday, July 6, 2013

Drugstore BB Creams: Maybelline, Revlon, and L'Oreal

BB creams have been popular for some time now, and there are many reviews about which ones are actually good and so on. One of my polyvore friends asked me to do a post about some inexpensive bb creams and review them.

I am also going to be explaining each BB cream on different days, so there might be some difference in how much information there is.


So without further ado, the first BB cream I tested was Revlon Photo Ready BB Cream in Pale.

-light coverage
-not the best color range, especially for fair people (like myself, i found the lightest shade to be a tad too light, and the medium to be too dark; i believe there are only 3 shades)
-affordable price: at Target it sells for $9.00

-I have dry skin, and I had heard of this BB cream from youtube beauty guru Missglamorazzi, who has oily skin. This BB cream, I think, would be better for people who have oily skin. This product did a good job at evening out my skin, toning down the redness, and is actually a nice BB cream to use on days when you don't feel the need to put on foundation.

-Although its a good BB cream and I will continue to use it, I do need to powder my face after I apply it as I always do with any foundation, but for this specific product I tend to get a bit more oily in my t-zone area.

4/5 rating


Maybelline BB Cream $7-8

-Little to no coverage

-smells like sunscreen

-didn't stay on all day

will not be repurchasing


L'Oreal Magic. roughly $10-11

Not my favorite of the three. The shade range is very pour and it doesn't stay on all day.

-Light coverage

-Does not make skin feel nice/smooth



Overall, I like both Revlon and Maybelline but I feel Revlon did a bit better job overall.

thanks for reading!!


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