Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polish Review

A quick review since its 12:15 am and theres not much too say about this product except thats is pretty awesome.

I bought the color, "Ionic Indigo" which isn't really indigo but really really blue. Surprisingly, its was pretty inexpensive: at Target it is sold for $5. 

The magnetic look is super cool and unique. The key thing you have to remember is to put all your focus on painting your nails with this certain nail polish. I was watching Pretty Little Liars so I wasn't completely focused. I got the left hand perfect, since I am right handed, but the right didn't turn out has great. Only because of me, not the nail polish. 

The other key thing to remember is to read the instructions printed on the bottle. Simply, paint one nice, even coat on all nails you want painted. Then, when dried, paint a thick coat on one nail at a time, after painting a thick coat, immediately place the magnet above the nail, resting it on your finger. 

( I painted my entire left hand, let it dry, then painted it again like the directions said, and place the magnet right over my nail, resting the little stump on my finger, then after that dried i moved onto my right hand).

Overall, is this product worth the investment? Hell Yes!


thanks for reading :) 

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