Wednesday, May 7, 2014

April Favorites

The following are some products that I've been loving for the month of April:

1. MAC Zoom Lash Mascara
This mascara is brilliant! Its not clumpy and gives my lashes amazing volume and length. I wear eyeglasses all the time and this is one of the few mascaras I've tried that doesn't cause my lashes to either touch my glasses or loose its shape from rubbing against my glasses. Highly recommend!

2.  Boots Expert Anti-Redness Serum 
This is the best! I have already repurchased this because it actually works. I used to have really red cheeks (mild rosacea) and would get really red if I was hot and sweaty after a workout or if I were embarrassed. This serum is the best; it toned down my redness, allowing me to feel much more confident without makeup and allowed me to wear blush without looking like a clown.

3. NYC Nail Polish in Big Apple Red 
This red is a must have for me. Its perfect for spring and summer without being too bright or too dark. The formula is great given its really affordable and lasts with no chipping for about 3 days. I wear this color constantly when I don't have other appealing colors in my collection. I have worn this for the entire month of April, only reapplying twice.

4. NYX Eyebrow Duo 
I won't go much into detail because I did do a separate post about this product here. This is a great, affordable eyebrow product perfect for dark blonde/light brown coloring. I don't use the wax anymore because it got a bit dirty but the powders are still perfect and I haven't even hit bottom yet, and its been almost 8 months since I first purchased it!

5. Stila Eyeliner Set 
I actually purchased this at Nordstrom Rack and instead of paying $25, I only had to pay around $16. This is a great set with a black, brown, blue, purple, and teal. They are perfect, easy to use and do not tug on the eyelid. The black is the one I use daily while I did use the teal for a bit of fun on my waterline which was a bit tricky at first. These eyeliners are great, but I do recommend purchasing only one if you're unsure, as some colors might not be everyone's cup of tea.

Thats it for my April Favorites! Thank you for reading! :)

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