Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review: NYX Eyebrow Duo

I love defined brows thanks to the elegant Cara Delevingne. Defining your brows (even just filling in the gaps) can really transform your face. I think part of the "no-make-up" look is to have fuller brows. To achieve this, I decided to try Nyx's eyebrow duo. It comes with a mini angled brush, a mini spoolie (for combing through the eyebrow before and after product is applied) as well as two shades and a wax for setting hairs in place.

What I do is I take the spoolie, brush my eyebrows downward, revealing the gaps more clearly, and then I apply the lighter color using an EcoTools angled brush through them and then i go in with the darker one in more of the center of the brow as well as in the real intense gap areas. I then take the spoolie and brush through my eyebrows, blending in the colors, allowing it to look more natural and not drawn on. I then take the mini angled brush and use the wax to lay down sparse airs that stick out. The eyebrow powder is great however I find adding the wax makes the eyebrows a bit shiny so I then go back in with so powder to mattefy it and the spoolie to blend it all.

As far as lasting power, it lasts all day. The duo comes in more than one shade range; I have the shade ranger i believe that is meant for brunettes, but as I am at school typing this, I don't have the actual product with me and I felt I should really get a blog post up soon.

Overall I recommend this product to anyone who is a beginner at makeup or at doing their brows (as i was only a few months ago). The cost i believe is under $7 and is sold at Ulta and Target.

Thanks for reading :) Any questions or requests for future reviews, please message me on my tumblr or polyvore :)

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