Saturday, October 4, 2014

September Favorites

This month was a very hot month and so my makeup routine involved makeup that could last all day in this summer weather.

The first product I've been loving in September is Rimmel London Match Perferction blush in 001 Light

This blush is perfect because its not shimmery! Its perfect in the sunlight and my skin doesn't look like a disco ball. The blush comes with 3 colors; a light peachy pink, a more mauve pink, and a pinker mauve color. I tend to mix the deep mauve with the lighter pink but swirling your brush in one color or all there colors creates a beautiful shade.

The second favorite for September is Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls.

This is the best product ever! I'm serious! I have naturally curly hair but without the proper styling gel, it ends up a frizzy mess with the curls random and not in any nice form. With this product, I get my hair wet and then wait until its no longer dripping water and I apply a bit more than a quarter size on my palm, rub my hands together, and then just spread the product all over, focusing on the ends. And then i take whatever is left and run my hands through my bangs. I then scrunch my hair upwards and sometimes I would tilt my head upside down and scrunch my hair towards my scalp to really get the curls formed. I'm left with my hair like the picture below and through out the day my hair stays like that apart from looking wet; it makes my hair stay looking darker (wet) longer than when I don't use the product but it does dry fully and I'm left with gorgeous soft, non-crunchy curls! Another bonus is that this product smells DIVINE!


The third product I've been loving is Milani's Face powder in 01 Light.

This is a great powder for hot weather! I find my dry skin feeling super soft and my concealer and foundation staying much better with this powder over it. It also smells lovely! I have already hit pan on it from using it every day in the last 3-4 months! I will say that this powder does not provide noticeable coverage. 

My fourth September favorite is non-beauty and its the TV Show Doctor Who (BBC America). This 8th season is so good! I was at first not really liking the 12th Doctor, but after last week's episode, I am liking him more. Still love Eleven and Ten, but I am starting to like the new Doctor. I am loving Clara though even more! She is amazing and just is written so well this season. I didn't really like her in season 7 but now I am loving her! I think so far, my favorite episode of this season as been episode 3, Robot of Sherwood, which featured Robin Hood!

My fifth favorite of September has been a youtube channel and that is Essie Button Vlogs!
She has a beauty youtube channel as well (which I love) but this month I've been loving her vlogs! She recently had some vlogs in August when she and her boyfriend, Aslan, traveled around Scandinavia but in September there were a couple of vlogs that are just perfect. She is so funny, so amazing, and very interesting to watch! I definitely recommend checking her out, especially now because she's doing Vlogtober! ^.^

And that is it for my September Favorites! I hope this was interesting and if anyone wants to say hi or recommend a product for review, please send me an ask (anon or not) on my tumblr ^.^

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