Sunday, April 19, 2015

Top 5 Favorite Eyeliners

I love eyeliners; I own quite a lot, though these 5 are my all time favorite! : )

To start, I used to always wear gel eyeliner, and the one I love but is not pictured is the Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Gel Eyeliner. Its amazing, but it does take a bit longer to apply, so I haven't used it as much this semester, but I do very much enjoy it.

Now onto my top 5, the first one was the very first eyeliner pen I ever tried thanks to Birchbox, and that is Eyeko's Skinny Liquid Eye Liner in Purple. The applicator is the biggest one I've tried, so it can be harder to work with, but I found it easy once I got the hang of it. Its amazingly pigmented, the purple really makes my brown eyes pop from behind my glasses and its just the perfect eyeliner for the pop of color I need in my life.
The next two eyeliners are Stila's Smudge stick waterproof eyeliner in Stingray (Black) and Aubergine (Taupe-Purple-Mauve). These are amazing for a more grunge-look and are very easy to smudge. The one downside is that the tip is rounded, not sharp at all, so it can be difficult to get in the inner corner of the eye and to create a sharp wing on the outer corner. Other than that I love these eyeliners. They are great as liners, as eyeshadow bases, or just smoked out on the eye. : )

Lastly, I love the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper (right picture). (Full Review here)
Its amazing and the blackest liquid eyeliner ever, its easy to apply and to get into the inner corner, but it is trickier to apply a sharp wing, so what I do is I outline the wing using my next favorite which is Jordana's Fabu-Liner (left) and this eyeliner can create the best, sharp wing ever and so after I outline my wing, I would go and fill in with the Kat Von D liner.

Those are my top 5 eyeliners, I hope you found this helpful! : )

Thank you for reading! 

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