Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Favorite Beauty Youtubers

I thought i would make a quick little post today about my top 5 favorite beauty youtubers.

1. Wayne Goss

He is probably my favorite of all; he's honest, sweet, funny, and every time he uploads a new video whether its a tutorial or a review and demo I always click to watch it first, before anyone else. He just makes my day better. He uploads quite frequently, a few times each week, is always honest, and always has a unique sense of humor. I also really enjoy his vlog channel, where he uploads little conversation starters and little things about his life.

2. Essie Button

She is incredible! Her reviews are just so honest and she has the most quirky and real personality. She always seems to brighten my day a bit. I love youtubers who are real and allow their personality to shine through. She posts about once a week, mainly reviews of a bundle of products (like empty products videos) but she also posts tutorials, mainly "face of the day". She also has a daily blog where you can read reviews about certain products.

3. Vintage Or Tacky 

She is an artist! Her videos are tutorials, and are always unique and original. She also does reviews of new products and is completely honest.

4. Baily B. 

She uploads frequently, once or twice a week and her videos are the best when it comes to reviews. She doesn't spend so much time; each review is meant to be under 60 seconds and she also posts videos that are under 5 minutes that feature her favorite beauty products of a specific brand or type.

5. Tanya Burr

Her tutorials are amazing! Very unique but also quite wearable. Vintage or Tacky does tutorials that are creative and magical but aren't meant to be worn out everyday on a normal, typical day. Tanya however makes tutorials that are inspired by something, but she makes them suitable for everyday.

Honorable Mention:

Lisa Eldridge 

She is just awesome! She is a professional makeup artist like Vintage or Tacky, Wayne Goss, and Tanya, but she is a bit older, so she has had more experience and is much more for the sophisticated, mature audience. I love watching her because of her insight on the makeup world and her looks she creates are just divine.

Thank you for reading! Please contact me on tumblr if you want a product reviewed. :)

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