Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lip Treatment for Dry Lips

I've been comparing these two for awhile now and decided to say which I would prefer. Both are amazing products however I find the vaseline feels better when applied right after exfoliating my lips with Elf's lip scrub and right before I go to bed. I find the body shop lip butter feels nice on the lips and works well while applying the rest of my makeup at the start of the day. I find the lip butter when applied at night feels a bit weird and although it smells very nice, the smell is a bit sweet for nighttime. 

Overall, these are both very good for dry lips and definitely have improved my lips. The lip butter is yellow in color but no color is apparent on the lips and the vaseline is meant to give a rosy color to the lips but I found it to be very settle. I think both of these products are great for traveling as well given the small and sturdy packaging. 

Thank you for reading! ^.^

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